Xiaomeng Jin

Assistant Professor
Office: ENR 230
Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University
Jin's research focuses on using remote sensing observations along with earth system models and in-situ measurements to understand the source, chemical formation, and impacts of air pollution.

Yu Tian

Postdoctoral Scholar
Office: ENR 208
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research interests: Dust aerosols, atmospheric transport, wildfire plume dynamics

Jiaqi Shen

Postdoctoral Scholar
Office: ENR 208
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science, University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: Aerosol-induced adverse health outcomes, cloud water chemistry, impacts of wildfires on air quality and human health.

Siyi Wang

PhD Student
Office: ENR 206
M.S., Atmospheric Science, Saint Loius University
Research interests: Air pollution, remote sensing, ozone-NOx-VOC chemistry.
Fun fact: Guinea Pigs are my favorite animals.

Chitral Samala

Undergraduate, George H. Cook Scholar
Senior in Meteorology, Rutgers University
Research project: Ozone pollution under changing climate

Zaina Merchant

Undergraduate, Aresty Research Assistant
Junior in Environmental Engineering, Rutgers University
Research project: Environmental justice for air quality

Charlotte Orton

Undergraduate, Aresty Research Assistant
Sophomore in Environmental Chemistry, Rutgers University
Research project: Impacts of wildfires on air quality in NJ